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well-being of the most vulnerable


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Your generosity has a significant impact on the lives of people experiencing homelessness. Thanks to your donations, we are able to provide essential support that helps these individuals overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis. Your contributions help provide access to vital services such as Emergency Services, hot meals, warm clothing and basic necessities.


Also, your donations support our psychosocial services, social mediation and social reintegration programs, which aim to help people experiencing homelessness bounce back and regain their independence. Every donation counts and makes a real difference to the well-being of vulnerable people. Thank you for your generosity and continued support.

Material and food donations

*If you are interested in providing meal service for our beneficiaries, please contact (option of serving your meal on site).

Guide to material donations (winter)

November to March

During the harsh winter months, it is imperative to ensure the comfort and safety of people experiencing homelessness and residential instability. They need warm clothing and essential items to cope with the harsh weather conditions. 


Here is a list of items needed to help them face winter safely:

  • Blankets;

  • Socks;

  • Gloves;

  • Warm hats;

  • Underwear;

  • T-shirts;

  • Scarfs;

  • Pants/jeans;

  • Warm jackets;

  • Warm sweaters;

  • Flashlights;

  • Boots/warm shoes;

  • Hygiene products :

    • Feminine hygeine products

    • Toothbrush;

    • Toothpaste;

    • Deodorant;

    • Shampoo/conditioner;

    • Razors and creams;

    • Adult diapers;

    • Toilet paper;

    • Hand sanitizer

    • Handkerchiefs;

    • ...

Guide to material donations (summer)

April to October

During the summer months, it is crucial to ensure the well-being of people experiencing homelessness. High temperatures and extreme weather conditions can present particular challenges for these vulnerable individuals. Your donations provide vital support to help them cope with the summer heat.

Here is a list of items needed to help them face the summer safely:

  • Sun cream;

  • Hats and caps;

  • Sunglasses;

  • Shorts;

  • T-shirts;

  • Comfortable pants;

  • Jeans;

  • Hoodies;

  • Reusable water bottles;

  • Tents;

  • Sleeping bags;

  • Emergency weather blankets;

  • Raincoats/ponchos;

  • Sandals;

  • Rain boots;

  • Hiking boots;

  • Flashlights;

  • ...

Guide to food donations

All year

Every day, Ricochet strives to meet the basic needs of people experiencing homelessness by providing them with hot, nutritious meals. Although, we can't do it without your support.


Your donations are essential to enable us to continue feeding our service beneficiaries day after day. By making a donation to Ricochet, you are making a real difference in the lives of our beneficiaries. Thank you for your continued support.


Here is a list of foods needed to help Ricochet provide healthy nutrition to our beneficiaries:

  • Canned meat;

  • Canned fish;

  • Granola bars;

  • Juices;

  • Oatmeal;

  • Pasta sauce;

  • Canned tomatoes;

  • Peanut butter;

  • Jam;

  • Sugar;

  • Powder creamer;

  • Oil;

  • Biscuits/crackers/snacks;

  • Protein drinks;

  • Condiments;

  • Canned vegetables;

  • Canned fruit;

  • Ground coffee/tea;

  • Hot chocolate;

  • ...

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