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Ricochet Center

As the first and only housing resource on the West Island of Montreal, the Ricochet Center is an essential pillar of our community, offering a safe and warm refuge for those experiencing residential instability and homelessness.

With 24 emergency beds and 24 permanent Transition Program places, the shelter not only provides a roof, but also helps homeless people and veterans reintegrate into society by offering them a stable environment, psychosocial support and accompaniment towards residential stability.

At the Center, inclusion and respect for diversity are fundamental values. By accepting couples and pets, implementing measures to facilitate access for women and LGBTQ2S+ people, and welcoming people from all cultural communities, including First Nations, we strive to create a caring and inclusive environment.

Our beneficiaries have access to a social mediation and shuttle service.


Everyone is welcome here. Even pets are part of the family!

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