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Temporary closure of the Ricochet Center

Give the opportunity to bounce back in the West Island

Ricochet responds daily to ensure the well-being of people experiencing residential instability and homelessness.


Psychosocial intervention
at the heart of our work!


Ricochet Center

As the first and only residential resource in the West Island of Montreal, the Ricochet Center is an essential pillar of our community, offering a warm and safe haven for those experiencing residential instability and homelessness.

Emergency Services

Ricochet offers a safe, comforting space where beneficiaries can receive: a place to sleep, meals, shower and be referred to other specialized services according to their needs.

Transition Program

Ricochet offers to its beneficiaries an environment to recharge their batteries while working to improve their living conditions, thanks to the support and guidance of our psychosocial workers.

Proud partners

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