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Acting for vulnerable people first and foremost!

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Here are the mandates you could have as a volunteer or intern:

  • Organize the donation room (clothing, etc.) 

  • Organize the pantry (food, etc.);

  • Picking up food from donations;

  • Assisting cooking in the ketchin;

  • Help the beneficiaries welcoming process;

  • Help with cleaning (laundry, etc.);

  • Etc.

The involvement of volunteers and interns is essential to the smooth operation of Ricochet's activities. Their support and commitment are essential to achieving our goals. Thanks to their dedication, we are able to provide a range of services that go beyond the traditional role of homeless shelters.


Ricochet is looking for volunteers and interns willing to devote their time to helping and improving the quality of life of people experiencing homelessness.

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be 16 years old or older (for insurance purposes);

  • Be able to give a minimum of 3 consecutive hours per week;

  • Be able to make a medium-term commitment, for a minimum of 3 months;

  • Be reachable by e-mail or text;

  • Good command of English and French (an asset).

How to apply to become a volunteer or intern:

If you meet the above criteria, we encourage you to send us an e-mail right away at


We sincerely thank you for your interest in Ricochet's mission!


Become a Ricochet corporate partner

Ricochet partners with companies and foundations that help us achieve our mission. We welcome various forms of partnerships, including donations, financial contributions, corporate volunteering, awareness initiatives, fundraising and much more. Whether you're a small local business or a large corporation, there are ways for you to get involved and make a difference. These activities are ways to give back the community and make a real difference.

A partnership adapted to your objectives


An association with Ricochet can serve to mobilize your staff around a noble cause - such as helping people experiencing residential instability and homelessness - or to team up with an established and recognized non-profit organization that, what's more, is supported by a large community.

Why partner with Ricochet

A partnership with Ricochet offers a unique opportunity to contribute to our vital mission while reinforcing your commitment to corporate social responsibility. By working together, we can create a significant positive impact in our community.

By becoming a Ricochet partner, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your support for the most vulnerable people in our society, while benefiting from increased visibility and recognition for your commitment.


We would be delighted to discuss partnership opportunities with you. Please contact us to find out more about how you can get involved and support our cause.

Together, let's create a safer, more caring community!

Proud partners



A job you will love!

Working at Ricochet means joining a team that is passionate and committed to helping people experiencing residential instability and homelessness.


Every day, we dedicate our efforts to supporting these individuals, guided by compassion and respect. Our devoted team deploys a variety of programs and services, from housing and accompaniment to social reintegration, mediation and prevention.


When we talk about youth and vulnerable people, we don't limit our action to those experiencing homelessness. Ricochet welcomes, accompanies and supports people who are experiencing an episode of residential instability, whether very short or longer term. By joining our team, you'll be giving the opportunity to bounce back to a diversity of people experiencing difficult situations.

Rico's advantages

  • Opportunity to take concrete action for the vulnerable people in our community;

  • A relaxed and human work environment;

  • Numerous amount of health and wellness leave days;

  • 2 weeks vacation upon hiring;

  • RRSPs and group insurance;

  • Monthly team-building activities;

  • Free on-site parking.

Positions to be filled

To apply for a currently open position, please visit our Indeed page.

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