Ricochet’s Mission and goals


Ricochet's mission is to create housing resources for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 who are experiencing residential instability in the West Island. 


Our goals: 

  • Establish, operate and maintain one or more housing projects, including emergency and short-term shelters, for beneficiaries with low or modest incomes in order to promote their social reintegration.​

  • Offer residential units for rent to beneficiaries with low or modest incomes.

  • Treat and prevent the conditions from which beneficiaries suffer and promote their social integration by supporting them in a process of empowerment, and by providing personalized psychosocial support, a referral and support service as well as the essential elements to life such as food, furniture and clothing as needed.

  • Receive donations, legacies and other contributions of the same nature in money, securities or real estate, administer such gifts, legacies and contributions; organize fundraising campaigns to raise funds for charitable purposes.

  • The whole cannot constitute an establishment within the meaning of the law on health services and social services.




Ricochet has been incorporated since August 29, 2017 and obtained its charity number from the Canada Revenue Agency on May 9, 2019. Steps are underway to have Ricochet recognized by the Recognition and Support Policy of the City of Montreal.

Ricochet is a project born from the desire of Action Jeunesse de l'Ouest-de-l'Île (AJOI) to create a resource that can meet the needs of young adults who find themselves in a situation of homelessness or who are at risk to become so in the WI. To find out more about AJOI: www.ajoi.info.

AJOI and Ricochet are two different entities. Ricochet was created and is currently managed and administered by AJOI. The goal is to make Ricochet an autonomous non-profit organization.



There are a variety of responses to the issues of homelessness and residential instability: outreach street work, day center, temporary emergency shelter, social housing with or without community support, transitional or permanent housing, mobile intervention services, residential support intervention with accompaniment, rent supplement program, etc.


All of these services can be found in downtown Montreal. Unfortunately, peripheries such as East, North and West do not have adequate resources to meet the needs of vulnerable populations in their territory. The vision behind Ricochet is to create a continuum of services to provide this variety of responses.