Ricochet’s Mission and goals


Ricochet's mission is to create housing resources for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 who are experiencing residential instability in the West Island. 


Our goals: 

  • Build, acquire, own, improve and administer one or more housing projects for young people of low/modest incomes in order to facilitate their social reintegration.


  • Offer accommodation and individualized comprehensive support that takes into account each unique circumstance.


  • Prevent homelessness by supporting youth in order to prevent them from becoming homeless.


  • Promote social integration of young people by empowering them. 


  • Raise awareness to the invisible housing needs of West Island youth.





Ricochet has been incorporated since August 29, 2017, and has its charitable number from the Canada Revenue Agency.


AJOI and Ricochet are two distinct entities. Ricochet has been created by AJOI, and is managed/administered by AJOI until Ricochet becomes an autonomous non-profit organization.




There are a variety of solutions to the problem of homelessness: outreach street work, day center, shelter, social housing with community support - transitional or permanent. We find all of these services downtown Montreal, offered by various community organizations.


Unfortunately, the areas such as East, North and West of the island of Montreal do not have adequate resources to meet the needs of vulnerable populations on their territories.


Ricochet's vision is to create a continuum of services to meet these different needs.