Social housing with community support


In 2017-2018, AJOI has formed a partnership with Résidence Bienvenue, the Accès-Logis program of the SHQ and the CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île.   


By the end of 2021, Ricochet will own 14 studios in order to help young adults struggling with homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. 


The services offered to tenants will include:

o Personalized psychosocial support 

o Support and supervision throughout the process;

o Support to community life;

o Interim free or low-cost services for food or clothing;

o A referral and support service; 

o Assistance in transition to long-term housing.













Short term housing ressource


In 2019-2020, AJOI outreach street workers made 148 referrals to emergency or short-term accommodation resources located in downtown Montreal or Vaudreuil.


More and more, young people refuse to be accompanied to the downtown centers because they are afraid and do not identify with the shelter's clientele. They also refuse to be accompanied to Vaudreuil, because they have no means of transport to return to the West Island afterward. AJOI’s outreach workers feel powerless… How to make sure that these young people will sleep in a safe place and that they will not be cold in the winter under these circumstances?


How can they go to school or hold down a job when they do not know where they are going to sleep and if they are going to eat?


Ricochet is raising funds to develop an emergency shelter on the West Island. Providing a safe place and a chance at a good start is everyone's responsibility.