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AJOI working on funding for homeless shelter and social housing

AJOI is working on raising funds for both a social housing facility and a homeless shelter.

“You can’t focus on studies or getting a steady job if you don’t know how you are going to survive,” AJOI executive director Tania Charron said.

AJOI is an outreach organization in the West Island that connects young people at risk with the necessary resources to help alleviate struggles with addiction, poverty or homelessness.

Charron recently spoke to the West Island Gazette that AJOI about two big projects the organization is working on that will focus on getting young adults into stable living situations.

The search for funding is underway for both a Pierrefonds-based homeless shelter and a social-housing project called Ricochet. The Ricochet project will be part of the expansion of the Centre Bienvenue and Résidence Bienvenue facility, located on Gouin Blvd. 



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