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Discover the essential services Ricochet offers to support people experiencing residential instability on their journey towards social reintegration and stability. Our Transition Program offers a safe, caring environment where beneficiaries can recharge their batteries and work with our psychosocial workers to improve their living situation.


At the heart of our approach is psychosocial intervention, where our workers play a central role in supporting and accompanying our beneficiaries. By helping them overcome psychological, social and emotional obstacles, we aim to strengthen their autonomy and skills for successful reintegration into society.


We also understand the realities of homelessness and offer emergency beds for those who are not yet ready to commit to the Transition Program. Our shuttle service facilitates access to local resources and helps bridge geographic distances. In addition, our social mediation service fosters harmonious relations between people experiencing homelessness and the local community, while raising awareness of the realities of homelessness.


At Ricochet, we are committed to providing comprehensive, personalized support that meets the varied needs of individuals along their journey towards stability and social inclusion.

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