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Transition Program


An opportunity to bounce back

The Transition Program is a unique program set up to meet the urgent needs of people in a situation of residential instability and homelessness who are ready to equip themselves and take serious steps to reintegrate into society. Our aim is to provide a safe, stable environment where people can recharge their batteries while working to improve their living conditions, thanks to the support and guidance of our psychosocial workers.

Thus, we help beneficiaries to achieve their ultimate goal of regaining residential stability. Through this process, we support them in their other related objectives: obtaining a health insurance card, medical follow-up appropriate to their physical and psychological health, finding a job, etc. The program also emphasizes the development of social skills and the empowerment of individuals through daily tasks and regular follow-up.

The Transition Program is aimed for people, aged 18 and over, from the West Island and surrounding areas.

Available to Transition Program beneficiaries

  • A shared room and bed for rest and relaxation;

  • Hearty meals and snacks;

  • Access to a shower;

  • Laundry service;

  • A relaxation area;

  • Checkroom service for storing goods;

  • Additional services (i.e. clothing, personal hygiene products, etc.);

  • Computers available for personal use;

  • A safe, non-judgmental environment in which to develop with confidence;

  • Travel services (i.e. shuttle or bus tickets).

Psychosocial intervention

At the heart of the Transition Program

Ricochet's psychosocial workers play a central role for Transition Program beneficiaries. Their main mission is to provide support and assistance to beneficiaries facing psychological, social or emotional difficulties.


Their job is to help beneficiaries to resolve their problems independently, by giving them tools to develop their own resources and skills. Psychosocial workers are key players in the support and guidance of individuals in difficulty, working towards their overall well-being.

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